Rent an ebike in the Åsnen area
Rent an ebike in the Åsnen area
Rent an ebike in the Åsnen area
08 Aug Destinatin Åsnen

Rent an ebike in the Åsnen area


A unique concept with electric bicycles has been launched around Åsnen. The electric bike activity means that you as a visitor can rent an electric bike at 7 different locations in the Åsnen area. You book yourself via websites or QR code.

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The best way to experience more of what Åsnen has to offer is by e-bike. More scents, more birdsongs, more convenience – and you’ll be contributing to making us a more sustainable destination!

You can now easily book your pink e-bike at various locations around Åsnen. You can also choose to pick it up at one location and drop it off at another if its more convenient for you. So, leave the car behind and discover many new places and experiences by bike during your stay with us!

Note, be sure to check the opening hours at the places where you can pick up and drop off your bike.

Everything is booked and paid for digitally.

At you will find info and from here you will also get on to the booking page itself.

The concept also includes a unique service which means that if you as a guest get punk or some other downtime occurs, there is service and support during the day between 8.30 and 18.00. Phone number is on your booking confirmation. It is important to know that this does not apply if you have run out of battery - the bikes are 7-speed so you can cycle even if the battery is low!

The service with electric bicycles at Åsnen has been made possible through a collaboration with Region Kronoberg's sustainability project Transport-efficient Kronoberg.

We wish all Åsnen visitors a wonderful summer

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