Jonas Svensson/ Ulf Jansson
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Jonas Svensson/ Ulf Jansson

Jonas Svenssons Cabinetmaking just outside the village Härlöv. Here you can see furniture designed Jonas Svensson and also see Ulf Janssons compositions with lathed wood on display.

Jonas Svensson performing commissioned works in hardwoods - birch, oak, beech and ash. He prefers to work on old methods, using locally produced wood and has extensive experience in producing furniture with soul. All finished furniture and works in the showroom is for sale. In the same showroom you can view Ulf Jansson's creations. He is among other things known for its millimeter thin bowls where he combines an unconventional design with surprising combinations of materials. The bowls are cut, painted and embellished in ways that evoke the viewer's imagination. In external links (below) is a story about Ulf Jansson.