Elisabeths Trädgård Restaurant & Café at Huseby bruk
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Elisabeths Trädgård Restaurant & Café at Huseby bruk

Enjoy good food in a green, comfortable environment.
The menus follow the season and everything served is homemade and with high quality thinking.

An important pride of an estate in the 19th century was a kitchen garden that could supply fresh vegetables, root vegetables, fruits and berries for as long a season as possible. It was the lady on the estate who was responsible for the farms, the chickens, the kitchen and its finances.

At Huseby Bruk, Elisabeth Stephens took care of the garden from the time she came to the estate as a newlywed in 1880 until she passed away in 1911. She kept a cash book of how many eggs were laid in the hen houses, how many vegetables were sold on the square in Växjö and what the cooking shoes were. cooked in the mansion kitchen.

She proudly tells in a letter to Joseph when he is in the Riksdag in Stockholm - what a skilled gardener she has managed to hire and how the grapes ripen in the wine cellar. She takes seeds home from her trips to the Mediterranean and develops the kitchen garden.

Today we have recreated Elisabeth's garden with the help of drawings, photos and shopping lists of seeds that were found in a box in the attic.

For Elisabeth, it was important to have locally produced and carefully prepared food from scratch. Today, Huseby's restaurant, Elisabeths, is located in the middle of the crops in the kitchen garden. Through our cooking, we continue to pass on her thoughts on sustainability, quality and authenticity - from farm to fork.